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Music Program:

BassesMusic By The Lake offers a rigorous and intensive program designed to provide an immersion musical experience directly related to the Ministry's curriculum.  On the first day, shortly after arrival, all students are placed in the appropriate performance grouping best suited to their needs and rehearsing begins soon after on day one.   Vocal students are put into sections (soprano, alto, etc.) for choir, depending on their vocal range.   Instrumental students are placed into one of three string performance groups or one of four band performance groups.  

Each performance group works on a very large amount of repertoire, preparing for two entirely different concerts.  At the Ensemble Concert, students perform for each other and the faculty in small ensembles, such as trios, quartets, etc.   This is an Flutesexperience not always possible in their school setting.   In the final concert (please see the sidebar on the home page for Open House Concert), students perform for their parents, guardians, and family members at the camp site.  
The musical repertoire presented to students for the first time at the beginning of the week, is transformed into truly thrilling performances seven days later.   Students and the faculty are extremely proud of the immense musical accomplishments achieved by the students in one short week and which result in the outstanding Open House Concert.